Weather Information

This weather API is Powered by Dark Sky. You must include this attribution in your app or service.

This API costs us 10 cents for every 1000 queries you run, so be respectful or just use our source directly at Their API is really nice too, and provides a lot more information.

Because this API is USA-centric, temperatures are in Fahrenheit. Yes, I know.

Weather data for a particular coordinate pair is cached for an hour and not re-requested from Dark Sky until it expires from the cache.

This API requires two decimal places of precision. Any less will throw an error, any more will be ignored.

For info on the "icon" property, go to this page.

format=json                 Output format (default none, plain text)
lat=[latitide]              Latitude, required
long=[longitude]            Longitude, required

Sample Query:

Sample Response:


Query with JSON output: